North Coast is a small game development studio based out of the internet. We met each other a couple of years ago while both working on a cancelled mobile game for Dockyard Games. Afterwards we also worked on a self-released mobile game Major Space Laser. Since then we’ve been bouncing ideas off of each other and building prototypes. We set out to create unique experiences regardless of platform.

Currently developing Outrunner.


Ryan is a recent graduate from the University of Victoria who designed and programmed “Grappling Garry” when working at Dockyard Games, and was the lead designer and programmer for the upcoming Google Cardboard educational app “Bathysphere”. Besides developing software Ryan grows great moustaches, wears plaid, and drinks scotch.


Christina is a generalist artist based out of Toronto with a primary focus on game art and animation. She primarily does contract work for indie developers and branding artwork for conventions such as MAGFest. Follow her on twitter @BLITZWUFF